One of the most common problems faced by home and business owners is clogged gutters, and it’s something that can easily be avoided if you know how to. A clogged gutter can lead to a multitude of problems, including leaks, water flooding, and damage to your home. Today we’re going to share with you three simple ways to prevent gutter problems moving forward. We hope these will help save you money and hassle in the long run, by reducing your chance of having to pay to fix your gutter issues. 

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1. Have Your Gutters Cleaned Regularly 

As with many issues homeowners experience, it’s much better to try to prevent these from happening in the first place, than to leave your gutters until they are experiencing problems. Even if you are an experienced DIYer, keeping your gutters clean and clear yourself is a challenging undertaking. Without the right health and safety training and equipment, you are also putting yourself in danger if you have to work at a height. Opting for professional cleaning to avoid a leaking gutter, in the long run, is your best option, and is essential for any property. While it may seem like an additional investment, prevention is the best option when considering how to fix gutters. 

Another consideration for your property is whether you have many trees in the vicinity of your gutters. If you have any trees that hang over your gutters or are near your roof, you’ll find their leaves become trapped during certain times of the year and can be the cause of many gutter problems. These leaves will make it difficult for water to flow smoothly through guttering and eventually block the gutters. Ensure you have a gardener regularly visit your property to keep your trees well maintained and to reduce the chance of these being the cause of your blocked or leaking gutter. 

2. LeafGuards 

If you can’t prevent leaves from making their way into your gutter, another option is a leaf guard. This device will help filter anything that makes its way into your gutters and allow the water to flow smoothly, avoiding potential gutter problems. Of course, you’ll want to have an expert look at this before installing them to ensure you choose the best model to fit your current setup. Opt for one of the better models on the market today, which will ensure that no debris makes its way into your gutters, or you’ll still be left with issues again in the future. 

3. have your Gutters Inspected by a Professional 

If you aren’t sure why you are experiencing gutter issues from time to time, or it’s too dangerous for you to reach, calling a professional is your best option. Roof Serve Ltd in Bradford offers a wide variety of services, including gutter repairs, gutter cleaning, and roof repairs. They can help you to identify any issues with your gutters and help by fixing gutters when issues occur. It’s wise to get an inspection carried out every so often, even if you aren’t experiencing issues currently. This can help to find any cracks or weaknesses in your gutters, which could cause leaking gutters in the upcoming months or years. 

If you have recently moved house, you will want to have a gutter inspection to ensure they were installed correctly. Gutters need to be installed at an adequate slope, so that water flows through them efficiently. This will ensure that water doesn’t get trapped in the device at any point. You also shouldn’t have any water discharged onto the ground below your gutters, as this can damage the foundations of your property if left for an extended period. A gutter inspection by a professional team can help to identify any add-ons that would be worth investing in, which may minimise your costs in the long run. 

If you are wondering how to fix gutters and have no experience yourself, it’s always best leaving this task to the professionals. By following these three tips above, you’ll be able to prevent gutter problems in the future and minimise your long term costs for fixing gutters. Regular cleaning and inspections will help to identify issues before they become a major concern and allow you to act on any minor problems before they are exasperated. As gutters are usually high off the ground, remember to follow health and safety procedures at all times, or invest in a professional’s help for best results. 

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