If you’ve found yourself with issues on one side of your roof, you might be wondering about partial roof replacement options. We are often asked to replace only half a roof, and you’ll find that this is something that many people consider when choosing roofers in Bradford. Check out www.roofserveltd.co.uk/roofing-bradford for more information about roofing options in the local area and how partial roof issues can be dealt with in the future. 

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Why Would You need Half a Roof Replaced? 

A partial roof replacement is certainly less common than a complete roof replacement, but there are many reasons why you might want to consider this option. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to be the victim of a heavy storm or fallen trees, it’s common for only part of the roof to be impacted. One side of your roof may have a heavy puncture, while the other side is still firmly intact. While your insurance company may be more than happy to help with the roof replacement, half a roof might be all that’s needed to restore your home to its former glory. There are so many freak accidents that result in minor issues, and our Bradford roof repairs team will be happy to assess your roof and suggest the best option for your needs. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Completing Half Roof Repairs 

While half roof repairs are quite a normal job for our team, you’ll find there are some things to keep in mind. There are many times when you might find a full roof replacement is a much more suitable option. Keep in mind these issues listed below before going ahead with a half roof replacement to ensure you get the results you desire for your home. 

Aesthetic Concerns 

If you’ve been in your home for a good length of time, it might be impossible to get the perfect match when completing a half roof repair. Partial roof replacement can be more cost-effective, but you need to ensure the materials that were used on your original roof are still available. When adding tiles or metal sheets, you’ll find that these start to fade as time passes. If you put a brand new set of tiles alongside them, you’ll soon notice a huge difference in the colour of your roof. As far as making a good first impression, this can look very bizarre and unprofessional as you approach your home. For that reason, most people find it’s just easier to replace the whole roof with our Bradford roofing team. 

How Old is Your Roof? 

While there are many benefits to replacing a roof before the end of its recommended life span, you are better off replacing the whole roof at one time. If you have half of your roof that’s more modern than the other side, you’ll find that you end up with a roof that needs replacing at different stages in the future. As well as that, you need to consider the fact that you’ll have to change the connecting members underneath your roof. Many roofing teams won’t recommend doing a partial replacement for that reason, as it just doesn’t make sense in the long run. 

The Cost of Partial Roof Repairs 

Although you might think that a partial roof repair would be a lot cheaper than a full roof replacement, in many cases, this isn’t the case at all. If you are going ahead with this large-scale type of work, it’s sometimes better just to replace the whole roof at one time. Instead of leaving yourself open to issues in the future with the older side of your roof, you can have a brand new roof for your home that will give you many years of protection. 

Temporary Solutions Before a Full Roof Replacement 

For anyone who has recently been the victim of a storm or tree crashing down, our team can help you to put a temporary roof replacement in place until the weather improves. For that reason, we recommend temporarily having a partial roof replacement before going ahead with a full roof replacement. This is the best long term solution for most homeowners, and you’ll find that you still receive full protection for your home if the storm continues for a little while longer this winter. 

There’s a lot to consider when replacing half a roof, and for many homeowners, you’ll find that a full roof replacement makes a lot more sense. We recommend using this as a temporary solution and then upgrading your whole roof as soon as you can. Especially for the aesthetic reasons we listed above, it can be hard to get the perfect match when it comes to replacing a partial roof. Contact us today for more information about replacing your roof and to discuss how we can help you this year.

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