If you are considering roofing repair in Bradford, it’s important to note that no two roofs or homes are exactly the same. A roof repair requires a team of professionals to assess the potential hazards and unique features of your roof, as this may impact the type of materials used during the process and the hours of labour required. Today we’re going to look at how roof features will impact your roof replacement and how we can work around the various obstructions that may be present on your roof.

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Working Around Your Roof’s Unique Shape 

When roofs have different features and shapes than what is typical for a home, it can make roof repair or conservatory roof replacement much more challenging. Any home that doesn’t have a perfectly flat roof will usually have a ridge or valley, which is much more likely to result in water penetration. Our team of professionals will start by inspecting the entirety of your roof, and from there, they can custom cut materials as needed to fit your roof’s shape. The base mat often needs custom cutting, and if you are opting for shingles on your roofing in Bradford, these will usually be applied in a different way to create a uniform look. Another thing to consider is roof ventilation, as your roof needs the space to breathe while also ensuring your home is well ventilated. Especially if you are opting for shingles, you’ll find that poor ventilation can make them age quicker, resulting in a roof replacement in Bradford sooner than you’d planned for.

How Can You Work Around Unique Features? 

There are many different features to consider on a roof, and some of these may not be as obvious as your chimney. Let’s take a look at the most common obstacles we’ll work around during your roof repair or replacement.


When it comes to working around the features on your roof, the first one we always think about is your chimney. This area is prone to leaks, so we’ll use flashing and sealant to ensure you are protected. Most homes still have a chimney, even if they don’t have a fireplace located below, and this area needs the most attention during a roof repair or replacement. Chimneys are all constructed in different ways, so techniques may be used to divert water away from the chimney. Exhaust pipes are also another area of concern for water penetration, and flashing can be added to avoid this issue. This isn’t something that we advise anyone to inspect themselves, and you’ll want to always use a roofing professional who can assist you with this task.

The Shape and Style of Your Roof 

Roofs come in all shapes and styles, and depending on the type of home you are living in, this could make your roof more susceptible to leaks and poor ventilation. The best ways to overcome these issues are with professional installation techniques and flashing. Valleys are found on many roofs, and they help the water to flow off your roof and into the gutter. However, they need to be reinforced in order for them to continue to work properly,  with waterproofing placed underneath. Metal valley flashing could also be considered, which can be done in a closed or open style. As far as ventilation, this will vary from home to home. Every roof has slightly different angles and features, which means that no two projects are exactly the same for our team.

Unique Features 

While chimneys and the general shape of your roof are the most common obstacles we will tackle when replacing your roof, we sometimes come across homes that have unique features. Especially in more traditional homes and cottages, we are sometimes surprised by the shape and design of the roof. On top of that, you may also be experiencing issues with your roofing, including leaks. Before installing a new roof or starting a roof repair, we’ll inspect the current state of your roof to ensure there aren’t any issues. This can prevent any surprises from popping up further down the line. As a team of professional roofers, we are always excited about taking on a new challenge, so even if you think your roof has many unique features, we’ll work with you to complete the replacement or repair to the highest standards.

Our roofs are such an important part of our home, and their role should never be overlooked when it comes to our safety and security. By working with a team of professional roofers in Bradford, you’ll ensure that you receive the service and attention you expect from such a huge project. Contact us today for further information or to discuss any concerns you may have about the shape and style of your roof. 

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