Property developers and homeowners are continuously looking for new and inventive ways to add interest to their properties. One of the biggest trends in the industry currently is copper accents. The popularity of copper has been steadily increasing for the past few years, and now it looks as though this trend is here to stay.

There are several reasons why copper could be an asset to your property. The majority of homeowners looking to increase their property value will paint the brick or spruce up the lawn. Copper is a unique and underutilised way to add interest to a property.

The professional roofers at Roof Serve LTD understand that you want your property to stand out. Roof Serve LTD can help you make sure your house stands out amidst a row of predictable looking properties by installing copper roof strips.

Copper not only adds aesthetic value to a property, but it also has a lot of practical benefits. In this blog post, we’re sharing the numerous ways that adding copper roofing to your property will increase its curb appeal and make copper roof maintenance easier in the long run.

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Increasing Curb Appeal

Having copper roofing or copper roof features installed on your property will dramatically increase its curb appeal. The majority of houses don’t have copper features, and therefore, your house is sure to stand out from the crowd. In fact, metal roofing is still uncommon in a lot of areas. Adding copper stripes to a UK property is sure to make it one of a kind.

If you currently have a fully functioning and regularly inspected roof, the prospect of reinstalling a new roof might seem wasteful. Even with the team at Roof Serve LTD providing affordable roofing in Bradford, you might not have the expenditure to invest in a new roof.

Adding copper stripes to your roof doesn’t have to mean installing a whole new roof. Highlighting certain areas with copper stripes can have a profound impact on the exterior of your property. Although a full copper roof will ensure you’re receiving all the practical maintenance-related benefits, accents of copper will still improve the quality of your roof and add interest to it.

There are several areas of the roof where you can instal copper, without having to have a whole new roof. Add copper around chimneys and skylights, emphasis arches above windows and doorways, use copper for chimney saddles and conductor boxes. Any element of your roof will likely be able to be replaced with a copper equivalent. Speak to residential roofing experts in Bradford, Roof Serve LTD, to see what parts of your roof are suitable for a copper upgrade.

Adding copper cupolas or domes is a more ornate way to add architectural interest to your property. Turn your roadside house into the shining palace you’ve always dreamed of with elaborate copper features.

Coppers Properties

Copper roof strips won’t just catch the eyes of passers-by; copper will also increase the quality of your roofing. Unlike other exterior decors, copper roofing has industrial benefits too. Compared to other roofing materials, metals, such as copper, provide better fire protection and are resistant to mould and mildew. If you’ve encountered unwanted guests in the form of a bug infestation, copper roofing can help solve this problem. With high-quality copper roofing strips, installed by Bradford’s roofing specialists, you can say goodbye to infestations and hello to airtight impenetrable roofing.

If you’re located in Bradford, you’ll know the weather isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Heavy rainfall and storms will no longer be a cause of concern if you instal a copper roof. Metal roofing guarantees water protection and leak prevention.

If this isn’t enough, having a copper roof installed ensures your roof is corrosion resistant and environmentally friendly. Unlike other materials, metal is one-hundred percent recyclable. Installing a high-quality copper roof means more time to enjoy your property and less time on the phone with your trusted Bradford roof repair company.

Cooper Roof Maintenance

Copper roof maintenance is significantly lower than a more traditional roof. Installing a copper roof now might seem like a hefty payout, but the decrease in issues as your property ages will save you money in the long run. As a result of copper’s incredible natural properties, common problems related to weather and trapped moisture are less frequent and easier to solve. Not only is this a comfort to you whilst you live in the property, but it is also an attractive selling feature if you decide to sell the property.

Copper roof strips are a frequently overlooked and undervalued way to add value to a property. A copper roof, or copper roof features, can be both economically and aesthetically beneficial to your house. With the help of an expert residential roofing team, you can increase the curb appeal, quality, and value of your roof in no time at all.

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