Our roof is one of the most important parts of our home as far as offering our families the protection we need to stay safe and healthy. If you’ve recently noticed that you are having some issues with your roofing in Bradford, our team is here to support you during this difficult time. For more info about working with local roofers in the area, check out our site and the services we offer. Keep reading as we share how to repair roof tiles and the best ways to keep these in place in the future.

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How Are Roof Tiles Held In Place?

Before we can look at repairing felt tiles, you need to know how these are held in place. Most homes use a combination of nails and felt to keep your tiles in place. You’ll find that your home will have either plain or interlocking tiles, which will depend on how they were laid down in the first place. When we install plain tiles, they are double-lapped, which doubles the number of tiles across your roof. At the ends, they will overlap with the tiles below, so there are no gaps or weak areas on your roof. We don’t use as many nails with this type of roof though, and roughly only every fourth tile will be nailed down.

Interlocking tiles are laid in a single layer, as the grooves in them help to form a tight seal on the roof. You’ll find that they are nailed down in patterns, which ensures there are no weak spots on your roof. The grooves make sure they have very tight joints, and you’ll find this is a modern solution that creates good protection for your home. As we mentioned, not all the tiles are nailed down, but this is why some tiles will become loose over time. It does make it easier for Bradford roof maintenance though, as we can just switch out the single tiles that have come loose or become damaged.

Roof Felt Repair Under Tiles

Roofing felt is now commonly used under tiles, as it offers a flat base for the tiles to then be placed on. It also helps to offer homeowners more insulation and water protection. However, you don’t have to use felt between your tiles and the roof. Older properties in the UK often don’t have this and instead use mortar to hold the tiles into place. As you can imagine, if the roof does need replacing, this typically requires the tiles to all be removed first. Some people opt to re-do their whole roof at that time, but you might be able to just have a small section replaced. Our team will be here to discuss the best option for your home to ensure that you are protecting your roof and the inside of your house for many years to come.

When the mortar is used instead of felt, you’ll find this type of material is more susceptible to tiles falling out of place over time. If your home was built in the 1950s, and you notice this issue, this is likely to be a concern. However, when the nails that keep your tiles in place corrode, this might also result in less support for the tiles. Roofs also become damaged in the wet and windy weather we experience in the UK. You’ll find that once one tile comes off, the surrounding others might easily slip away and leave your roof exposed. The good news is that our team will be happy to help you overcome any issues and ensure your roof repair is completed quickly to avoid further damage to your home.

Fixing Your Roof Tiles

If you experience an issue with felt tiles for roofs or the felt under the tiles, we encourage you to get in touch with our team. We know exactly how roof tiles are fixed, and we’ll be here to support you during this time. Our top piece of advice is to make this call as soon as possible. When you leave your roof exposed, water and wind might enter your home. In time, this can cause serious damage, which will be even more expensive and time-consuming to repair.

Are you in need of help with roof repair or maintenance in Bradford? No matter how big or small the issue with your roof is this year, we’ll be here to support you on this journey. We encourage you to contact us as soon as you notice an issue, though, the longer you delay this work, the more likely you’ll experience long-term damage to your home. Our team is here every day to answer your questions and support you with your roof repair, so contact us today for more information and to protect your home for years to come.

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