Your roof is vital.  We can’t stress this enough. It’s the part of your home that protects you and your belongings from the outside elements.  You sleep easy knowing that you’re not only safe, but you’re also completely dry when it’s raining outside. 

But what would you do if during a storm your roof tiles cracked and fell from your roof?  Or if your roof started to leak, and damp patches began to form on your ceiling?  Or worse still, a tree or branch fell on your roof, causing substantial damage — would you know what to do and, most importantly, who to call? 

Emergency roof repair service 

It might seem crazy, but it’s important to know when a roof emergency is a roof emergency. 

For example, if your roof becomes unstable, or all of a sudden, your roof starts letting in water — then you need a roof repair, and quick! 

However, emergency roofers are also safe roofers.  This means that any professional roofer will wait until the storm has subsided and the winds have died down before attempting to come and assess the damage. 

But we will never leave you stranded! 

In most cases, roofers will install a temporary protective cover to stop further structural and interior damage. This emergency tarp can help to fix the hole in the roof until they can achieve a more permanent solution. 

For additional information on what you should do when your roof is leaking, check out the post available from Roofserve.

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What is a roof leak repair? 

When your roof has been compromised due to extremely bad weather, such as high winds, flying debris, etc., causing sudden damage to your roof, leading to water coming into the property — in these instances, you will need a roof leak repair. 

Experienced roofers will check all roof structures as well as repairing leaks and damages there and then. 

It is essential that if you notice a leak or damage to your roof that you address this asap.  This helps you to avoid any further damage and higher costs to you as a result. 

Why you need an emergency roof repair 

  • Your roof leaks in heavy rain 
  • You have missing or cracked roof tiles due to high winds or flying debris 
  • Lightning strikes 
  • There is damage to your fascia’s or gutters 
  • Flashing around your chimney, skylights, vents, etc. has come away 
  • You’re suffering from loft ventilation issues 
  • You have an infestation of insects who are causing structural problems 
  • Fallen trees or flying debris has caused structural problems that need repairing asap. 

Keeping your roof in good working order 

OK, so emergencies aren’t something we plan for and are, in fact, just that, emergencies — however, routine maintenance, carrying out regular inspections, and acting quickly when problems do arise can help to limit the extent of the damage. 

Things to check include: 

  • Regularly checking your roof and loft – can you see daylight in your loft?  Do you have any cracked tiles that need replacing?  Is there water seeping in? 
  • Cut down any overhanging trees or branches away from gutters and roof structures. 
  • Keep gutters and pipework clear of debris and fallen leaves helping to avoid blockages. 
  • Keep all soffits and fascias as clean as possible. 
  • Fix any small problems asap. 

Reputable, professional roofing contractors will be able to provide you with a maintenance and inspection service upon request. 

What to do in an emergency 

If your roof leaks in heavy rain or you have any type of roof emergency, it’s important not to panic. 

Instead, you should: 

  • Keep the number of an emergency roofer handy (Roofserve’s is 01274 974575). 
  • Speak to your insurance company asap. 
  • Be aware of “white van men” offering to help and instead deceiving homeowners (and often carrying out a poor job that turns out to be quite expensive). 
  • Avoid the temptation to do it yourself.  It is always advisable that unless you are trained in carrying out roof repairs that you don’t attempt to fix the problem yourself.  Not only could you make matters worse, but there is also an increased risk of accident or injury. 
  • Protect the interior of your home by covering any holes, covering larger items with waterproof covers, and placing buckets under any drips and leaks. 
  • Make sure you understand the roofing options presented to you and choose the best solution for your roof and you. 

Bradford emergency roof repairs 

Emergency roof repairs can be inconvenient, but they are essential in maintaining your home’s structural integrity. 

If you need an experienced roofer in an emergency, look no further than the team at Roofserve.  With experience across all types and styles of roofs, call us on 01274 974575 and see how we can help you today. 

For additional information and roofing services, check us out online. 

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