Unfortunately, the roof on your property can deteriorate over time and in most instances, this is due to extreme weather conditions.  Whether it has been a season of torrential rain, extremely high winds, or snow that has blanketed the entire UK, the weather can have a detrimental effect on your roof. 

Keeping on top of your roof maintenance and making sure repairs are taking care of asap, is the best way to avoid costlier roof repairs and further damage from occurring in the long run. 

Ideally, you should check your roof both inside and out and carry our extra checks in the case of really severe weather.  If in doubt, please call the professional roofing contractors at Roofserve; we’re always on hand to help.

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How the weather can affect your roof 

Severe weather conditions can wear away at your expensive investment.  An investment that keeps you and your family safe indoors. 

You need to be aware of… 

The sun! 

As a nation, it’s true, we all feel so much happier when the sun makes an appearance; however, just like ourselves, we also have to protect our roof from harmful UV rays and increased sun exposure. 


Because over time, the sun can dry your roof out, which results in shrinkage, and even in the worst case scenarios, tiles can crack and more. 

To help, we encourage you to maintain your roof as best as you can, and where possible, keep a well-ventilated loft area that helps distribute some of the heat. 

During the summer months, your roof is also more susceptible to thermal shock.  

Thermal shock occurs when temperatures soar throughout the day but drop very quickly when the sun goes down.  This sudden temperature change can cause your roof to expand and contract quickly, which can negatively impact your roof’s structure, leading to potential warping. 

Rain, rain go away – as that leak is getting bigger!  Rain and torrential rain can cause a considerable amount of damage.  You need to ensure that no puddles or pools form on your roof and all water drains away effectively and efficiently. 

This is why it is also important to keep gutters and drainpipes free from leaves and debris, a big problem in the autumn, windier months. 

To help, check that you have the appropriate drainage solutions that will help stop the build-up of moisture, so mould and damp don’t begin to form. 

Thunderstorms can have a habit of negatively affecting shingle roofs, causing cracks and even holes to appear.  Thunderstorms can also be dangerous if you have overhanging branches from large trees near your roof, and we’d advise these are well maintained for everyone’s safety. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to snow, this doesn’t drain away as well as water, and if you experience a heavy flutter of snow, it can add undue pressure and weight onto your roof’s structure. 

If you want to remove the snow from your roof manually, please be careful because if you opt for salt, this might react negatively to your roofing material. If you use a snow shovel, you could damage your tiles, knocking them loose or removing them completely. 

If in doubt, ask a professional! 

Don’t underestimate the strength of hail!  Hail can fall fast, and it can fall hard, which means on occasion and during particularly bad storms, hail can crack metal or ceramic roof tiles. 

At Roofserve, we’re yet to meet someone who is a fan of gale-force winds – and the good news is, your roof doesn’t like them either!  Dislodging tiles, if not removing them completely, so they come crashing to the ground, high winds can play havoc with roofing materials. 

Regularly checking your roof for missing tiles and replacing them where required is vital to maintaining your roof’s performance. 

Let us help you 

If your roof is a little on the old side and starting to look tired and worn, or maybe it’s not performing as efficiently as it should be – now might be the right time to consider a roof replacement.  A new roof can save you on your energy bills, providing better insulation, and improved airflow. 

If you spot any water damage on ceilings or walls in your property, this can also be a strong sign that you have a leaky roof. It’s essential that you have these leaks repaired immediately to avoid much bigger problems. 

At Roofserve, we’d always advise your roof to be checked by a professional team.  A team capable and experienced at working at heights and who know what to look for and what to repair. 

We’ve been serving our customers for many years, carrying out a variety of roofing work. 

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