If you’ve ever been sitting on the couch, safe from the rain and watching TV and noticed a damp patch on the ceiling, you’ll be all too familiar with that feeling of dread that accompanies all the hassle that’s going to be to get sorted. What if it didn’t need to be anything but a call to a local roofer to have the issue fixed? That would be nice and the good news is it’s absolutely possible. 

In this article, we hope to inspire you to use a professional when the situation arises, for the betterment of your home and finances. 

What is a Roofing Service?

A Roofing Service is a company that provides maintenance, repairs and construction alterations to the roof of your home or place of business. Roofing services take jobs that can range from a broken tile, all the way to complete reconstructions, depending on what you need. 

What is the importance of Roofing Services?

Roofing services are more important than you may think; if the previously mentioned scenario with the ceiling has never happened to you then you are luckier than you know. Not only can the work be incredibly dangerous but there is a great deal of know-how and skill that comes with maintaining and repairing a roof. 

Safety is key and roofing experts are the safest way of completing the job. Working on a roof can be a treacherous task; the concept of hurting yourself is one thing but therein also lays the concept of inadvertently hurting others. Without the necessary help or tools for the job, you, a tool or other item may slip and fall off the roof and that could spell big trouble.  

A professional will know what to look for, what precautions to take and how to accomplish the task in the safest and most efficient way.  

There is also the quality aspect. Now no one doubts that you could do a serviceable job if all went well but the fact is, botch jobs and quick fixes rarely solve the issue and usually require another botch job a little while down the line. Don’t settle for a job half done as anyone can tell you that compromise only begets more compromise.  

A professional may not only know exactly what is needed to complete the task but they may know even more than that and are able to go the extra mile and save you money, bring in tips of the trade  and find a better solution than you could have wished for.  

Within that point lays the concept of saving you time. If you are DIY inclined then you will know that it will take time and money to complete the task, maybe the materials and equipment will cost less than the hiring a pro to do the job but that’s only at the start. After you do it yourself, it will likely fail again and then you’re back on the roof fixing it once more, and then again, and again.  

If you value practicality and confidence in a job well done, then go for a professional. If you do so, there are a lot of reputable companies that can guarantee up to 20 years of peace of mind and can even make regular checks to ensure that you won’t have any nasty surprises. 

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How do I look for a Roofing Service?

The importance surrounding this question can sometimes fall by the wayside. You could ask a friend if they know a company or maybe search in your local papers but truth is, there are a lot more tools at your disposal that help you locate the more trustworthy of the bunch. 

Searching online may be the best tool in your arsenal to ensuring you are not taken for a costly ride by rogue traders. Using tools like Yelp or CheckaTrade.com can drastically increase your chances of finding a trustworthy Roofing Service as they are reviewed by people who have actually used the service. 

What sort of Roofing can be fixed?

Simply put, the answer is “all of them,” but here are a few specific examples. 

Tiled/Pitched Roofs

Sometimes, you may look up at the roof tiles and realise that you’ve left it too long, there are more broken tiles than not and the ones that remain are dirty and coming loose. Temporary repairs are a waste of time and money at this point as duct tape won’t solve the issue. 

This job will strip back the roof and replace it in its near entirety with high quality materials and then finish it off with the desired profile or tiles to get the look you want. 

UPVC Roofline 

Replacing the guttering, fascia and soffits of the roof perimeter will give your house a new sleek, sophisticated and clean look that adds a modern day practicality to any existing structure. Made from PVC, these require very little maintenance as it does not rot or get as easily damaged as wood. 

Also, this form requires absolutely no physical upkeep like painting, saving you time and energy on a task that needn’t be done.  

Flat Roofs/Gulleys/Box Gutters

Requiring EPDM Rubber or GRP Fiberglass as the ideal replacement installation, fixing a flat roof can absolutely be done. 

Final Word

It’s important to remember that seeking professional help for the task is an investment in safety and peace of mind, and it’s one you deserve. There is no reason you have to settle for poor workmanship and botch jobs to get by as there are a lot of reputable services provided by great people who are eager to lend a hand. 

If you want to get the job done with friendly, experienced professionals who are fully trained and qualified, then you’ll want to give the Roofserve team a call on 01287 974575.

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