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Unfortunately, over time, roofs will suffer from wear and tear, whether through lack of maintenance or areas outside of our control like the great British weather! 

The good news is Roofserve highly-skilled local roofers are specialising in all areas of residential and commercial roofing services in Bradford!

Services such as: 

  • New roofs 
  • Re-roofs 
  • Roof repairs 
  • Gutter repairs/cleaning 
  • Repointing 
  • Flat roofs 
  • Fascias and Soffits, 
  • And more! 

Reasons to upgrade your roof

Replacing your roof is not an easy decision to make.  However, keeping your home secure and watertight is essential, making a good roof system a worthwhile investment. 

A new roof can help to add value to your home, making it much more attractive and presentable – a key element if you’re planning on putting your house on the market! 

It also, as we’ve mentioned briefly, helps to shield your home and the belongings you have safely stored inside from adverse weather, which can cause considerable damage if it gets through. 

Plus, there can be only so many times that you can continue fixing leaks and making small roof repairs before the cost of all of these repairs ends up costing the same as an entirely new roof!  It can also get to a stage where the roof is no longer in a repairable state! 

With a new roof, you can have confidence that it is designed to last.  So, you can sit back and relax, with no further roof maintenance required for quite some time. 

However, the best part for many of our customers is how much a new roof can lower your energy bills!  With new thermal insulation and no leaks or cracks to be seen, less heat escapes reducing your energy consumption and, in turn, reducing your carbon footprint! 

Bradford Roof Repairs & Services

Lead Roofing 

We’re proud to offer our lead roofing services to both domestic and commercial property customers. 

Lead roofs remain a popular choice for many due to their materials creating hard-wearing, robust, and durable roof systems. 

However, over time, like everything, lead roofs do suffer damage and general wear and tear. And when you notice your lead roof isn’t performing to the same high standard – it’s time to call Roofserve! 

Lead roofing is a traditional roofing method that is proven to be extremely reliable.  It is an excellent material and suitable for older buildings such as churches and historical renovations etc. 

Mass-produced for precision and accuracy, lead is also flexible so it can be stretched and shaped to suit.  The benefit to you is that it also has excellent sealing properties, lasting three times longer than any other roofing material counterparts! 

What’s more, it is corrosion-resistant, making it the ideal material for a range of different environments. It is also sustainable as it is fully recyclable – what more could you ask for? – well, apart from your roof not to leak in the first place! 

The lifespan of lead roofs is approximately 60 years, so it is a great investment too. 

Types of lead roofing

Milled lead – more popular now on building sites where thin lead flashing is carried out. 

Sand-cast lead – often found on older buildings and churches. 

Machine cast leads – the cheapest form of the material as it can be cast thinly so small amounts can be used across vast spaces. 

Lead flashings – help maintain watertight roofs, stopping water from running down your chimney, for example, and into the property. 

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New roofs/re-roofs/roof repairs in Bradford

Most professional roofing companies will be able to carry out all three of these services and then some! 

So if your current roof is looking a little old and tired, or maybe you’re starting to experience one too many repairs on your roof, or simply your roof is no longer performing as it should – it might be time to call in the Bradford roof repairs expert! 

Whether you’re looking for a new roof, a re-roof, or a roof repair, our local roofers can help with it all. 

Our many, many years of experience means we know a thing or two about roofs. That’s why we’re the local roofing company of choice and one of the most popular commercial roofing contractors in Bradford! 

Providing an exceptionally high level of quality, all matched with competitive prices.  Our services range from roof repairs, re-roofing (which may involve installing new felt and battens), working on tiled roofs, flat roofs, pitched roofs, and more! 

You’ll always be provided with a detailed quotation before any work gets underway, and you’ll be left with a clean and tidy property when all work is complete. 

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Process of installing a new roof

We’ve outlined below a brief look at what you can expect when having a new roof installed (note that materials and processes will vary from job to job). 

  1. We’ll start by assessing the existing roof and noting measurements, any visible problems to be aware of, and the materials required.
  2. All materials will be ordered to your site, along with (in some instances) a skip to remove all rubbish.
  3. If scaffolding is required (this will be outlined in your estimate and discussed with you in advance of work starting), this will be erected around the property.
  4. The existing roof will then be stripped back to the roof timbers, so only the roof’s main structure is visible (any rotten or split joists can also be replaced at this stage).
  5. We’ll then cover the timbers with felt (the second line ofdefence, so if there are any cracks in tiles, etc., raindrops will run down the felt and into your gutters).  Once the felt is covering the timbers, your roof will then be watertight.
  6. New roof tiles or slates are now fitted to the tile battens, with any tiles against roof windows or valleys, cut to size.
  7. Leadwork such as soakers and gutters get fitted into place and then covered with the remaining tiles.
  8. All remaining leadwork such as flashings etc. should now be carried out, followed by the installation of hip and ridge tiles, making the roof 100% watertight and secure.
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Roof Replacements 

We understand a new roof is a big commitment and an even bigger investment. 

That’s why our team of local roofers in Bradford are all highly skilled and experienced in roof replacement services, ensuring your new roof is 100% better than the original. 

We only use the best products on the market, all of our team are DBS checked and vetted, and we’re all trained in the importance of Health and Safety. 

We ensure your new roof is in line with all current building regulations, making sure the installation elements meet new requirements, discussing with you your options for your roof to become more energy-efficient and more. 

If you can see daylight, or you have damp patches on ceilings, slipped tiles, or plaster coming off the ceiling, trust us, it’s time for a new roof! 

Make sure to use the best roofers in Bradford – Roofserve. 

Reasons to work with Roofserve 

We work hard.  Going above and beyond continuously to make sure all our work is carried out effectively and efficiently and always to an extremely high standard. 

We adhere to all health and safety guidance, and we work with you to ensure all of your requirements and specifications are met. 

If you’re looking for a roof repair, full installation, or a refurbish of your roof, look no further than Roofserve. 

Talk to us so we can help create the best solution to meet your requirements. 

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Re-roofing and building regulations 

Depending on the type of property and roof structure, will depend on whether or not building regulations will be required.  Your professional roofing contractor will, of course, be able to clarify this situation for you.  However, below, we’ve provided some guidance relating to the variety of roofs and building regulation requirements. 

Flat Roofs – in most cases, a building regulation application will not be required on standard flat roof repairs.  However, suppose you’re looking to replace your roof’s integral insulation. In these instances, you may need to upgrade to the latest thermal insulation advised to help reduce the volume of heat lost from the property. 

Pitch Roofs – if you’re looking to change roofing materials from tile to slate, for example, or vice versa, building regulations will be required.  This is because structural stability may be affected by the different weights of the varying materials as will fire safety and energy efficiency, which will all need to be reassessed.  Note: If the new roof is considerably different, modifications to your current roof structure may also be required.  A qualified engineer/surveyor will always advise you before any work gets underway. 

When complying with building regulations and planning requirements, you will also need to consider overall energy efficiency. For example, roof repairs and roof replacements should always improve the thermal insulation properties of a roof, not reduce them further. 

A local roofers in Bradford you can trust

Our team of local roofers in Bradford are really friendly and always on hand to provide further information and advice when you need it most. 

We also: 

  • Provide free, no-obligation quotes 
  • Have local roofers who are skilled and experienced to offer a range of roofing services 
  • Leave your property clean and tidy, causing minimal disruption while work is carried out 
  • Provide our customers with a full warranty for the works completed 
  • Have incredibly high standards, which our customers love! 

Call us today and see how we can help you. 

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Clients Testimonials

What our customers say about us

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It Was a Great Experience!

Jamie and Matt responded in a timely manner and came and provided a visual inspection with photo evidence to show us the problems we had. They provided a detailed and good quote, and once we’d agreed a start date, turned up punctually and were friendly and polite. The work was completed on schedule with no issues and we were sent a second set of photos to show us the work done. Highly recommended.

Sam & Mark

Clients Testimonials

What our customers say about us

More Testimonials
It Was a Great Experience!

Jamie and Matt responded in a timely manner and came and provided a visual inspection with photo evidence to show us the problems we had. They provided a detailed and good quote, and once we’d agreed a start date, turned up punctually and were friendly and polite. The work was completed on schedule with no issues and we were sent a second set of photos to show us the work done. Highly recommended.

Sam & Mark

Roofserve are knowledgeable, prompt, reliable, responsive and complete quality work. We were so pleased with the repair that we have asked for a quote on our main roof as well. Would not hesitate to recommend.


Jamie and Matt were very professional throughout from advice to quoting to starting the work on time and finishing ..seeing everything was completed by those they hired ..I would recommend on price ,workmanship and attitude…great job ..thank you