When it comes to a property’s roofing structure, everyone, and we mean everyone, wants a stable and, most importantly, the watertight roof for their home. 

However, depending on your roof’s current age and the weather elements it can be exposed to, roofs often have to be repaired. In such instances, you need to find a reputable roofing contractor who can carry out a high quality and reliable job, all at the best possible price! 

Replacing your roof can often seem like a daunting and stressful task – but it doesn’t have to be. 

Hiring a professional roofing contractor ensures that all roofing services provided are completed safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. 

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How to sort the good roofing companies from the not so good! 

Ask your neighbours! 

Recommendations from neighbours can be the best place to kick start your search, as most people will have their own recommendations and experiences of people they would use, and it’s this first-hand information that will tell you just how good a company is. 

For example, if your neighbour has had work carried out on their roof, ask them about the quality, rough costings, how long it took the contractor to complete the work, and what they were like to deal with. It’s also important to check out the recommended roofer’s business address, contact details, do they have a landline, etc. 

Ask Questions

Asking local roofers questions relating to their experiences with slate, tile, flat roofs, and even unusual roof structures can provide you with peace of mind that they’ve done this type of work before.  Are they members of any associations?  What roofing qualifications do they hold?  Are they well regarded in the area?  Do they have the right insurances in place and comply with all health and safety regulations etc.?  Ideally you want to choose someone with experience, especially experience on a roof similar to yours.  You could even ask to see pictures of their work if possible. It’s essential that you feel confident in whom you are using right from the start. 

Get quotes

It’s recommended that you talk with at least three different roofing companies to get quotes that you can then compare for differences.  However, it’s important to remember; cheaper does not always mean a top-quality job.  And most roofing companies will need to inspect the roof before providing you with an estimate.  They check precisely what is required and where the problem areas are.  If a tradesman gives you a roof quote from the ground, be wary.  

A detailed quote should include labour, materials, VAT and any other taxes, rubbish/waste removal, any hire charges, scaffolding costs (if required) etc.  Also included in the quote could be details relating to safety procedures, cleaning methods, and warranties – always worth checking. 

Ask about payments

For example, are you to pay in instalments?  A deposit before work begins, the full amount at the end etc. We’d advise that you never pay in full upfront.  Typically, payment is made in instalments or after work is completed.  If a deposit is to be paid before work gets started, this is typically at 25%. 

How quickly can the work be done?

We must raise a word of caution for those who can carry out the work either there and then or indeed the very next day.  Those more popular and renowned businesses will often be booked in advance, so we’d always recommend getting estimates in good time. 

When hiring a roofing contractor 

When you’ve decided on the local roofer for you, it’s important to check: 

  • What happens if the roof is in a worse state of repair when the tiles have been lifted? 
  • What would happen if the weather changes while the roof is being repaired? 
  • What hours will the contractors be working? 
  • What materials will be used, and what guarantees have you got with these? 
  • Will they be carrying out the job, or will it be outsourced? 
  • How will rubbish be disposed of, and is this included in the overall cost? 
  • Will scaffolding around the house be required? 
  • What will happen if any faults occur or if the roof is not up to standard when finished? 

These questions aren’t to scare anybody or to put anyone off. Instead, it is to provide you with comfort and clarity that every aspect and more is covered. 

Roof maintenance and repairs aren’t cheap, so you need to be confident in the roofing company you choose. 

At Roofserve Ltd we specialise in first-class roof repairs, installation, and replacements. 

Ultimately, we cater to all of your roofing requirements. 

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