We are all looking for ways to make our homes more environmentally friendly today. One of the areas that’s often overlooked is our roof, which is something you can make more environmentally friendly with a few simple changes. When opting for a roof replacement with a Bradford roofing company, consider applying some of these tips below to do your part to save our planet. With a bit of planning and a few simple considerations, you’ll find you can create a much more environmentally friendly roof for your home this year. 

Add Solar Panels to Your Roof

More and more homes around the world are adding solar panels to their roof today. This is often the first thing you may consider when you think of making your home more environmentally friendly. Solar shingles work in the same way as regular materials for your roof but create a more eco-friendly roof for your home. They’ll work to generate electricity for your home, which will also offer the benefit of reducing your energy bills in the long term. While this is probably the most expensive way to create an environmentally friendly roof, it’s a great option for a long-term solution to reduce your impact on the environment.

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Choose Your Roofing Material Wisely

While there are certain materials you probably think of first when you are considering updating your roofing, choose one of the less commonly used options to create sustainable roofing. Metal, clay or slate shingles, and wood shake can all be made from recycled materials, so they are perfect for creating an eco-friendly roof. If you do get your roof replaced again in the future, the great news is these roof friendly materials are also all recyclable. While they may be a little more expensive, you’ll still enjoy an extremely durable and attractive option for your home while also reducing your impact on the environment.

Wind Turbines

While solar energy is something that’s commonly being considered today by homeowners, wind turbines are another solution for your roof replacement in Bradford. For anyone who lives in a windy place, you’ll find you enjoy improved cooling in your home when compared to other ventilation options. A wind turbine can generate wind energy for your home, which may offer a small reduction to your bills, although not quite as significant as solar energy.

Add An Overhang

When considering working with a Bradford roofing company, look at the option to add an overhang to your roof. This will reduce your home’s cooling costs and will offer your home shade when direct sunlight hits it. If you live in a particularly warm area, this is a great option and will save on air conditioning costs. You will usually just add an overhang to one side of the home, but it can be a challenge to install on existing buildings. If you are building a new home, it’s well worth adding to the property during the initial design process, and you’ll reap the benefits of this addition for years to come.

Opt For A Green Roofing System

If you are looking for a unique addition to your home, consider adding plants to your roof. Vegetation on a roof is an easy way to improve insulation, attract wildlife, and reduce your carbon dioxide output. Roof gardens are becoming more trendy today, but you’ll need to add additional support for your new eco-friendly roof. This will, of course, set you back more in upfront costs, but the benefits offered to the environment are well worth it to many people. This does require quite a bit of upkeep, so keep that in mind when choosing this for your next project with roofers in Bradford. 

Cool Roofs 

While this may seem like an option that’s more appropriate for hotter climates, some restaurants and offices are opting for cool roofs today to keep temperatures down in the summer months. If you are constantly blasting air conditioning in the summer on your property, this is an excellent option to consider. There are roof tiling options today that change colour based on the season and weather, so these Thermeleon tiles are perfect for installing on a property in the UK.

Homeowners today are always considering new ways to improve their home, and opting for sustainable roofing is a great option for your next roof replacement. While some of these suggestions are more pricey than others, they offer excellent long term benefits to homeowners today. You’ll find that by adding an environmentally friendly roof to your home, you can reduce your energy bills and create a more comfortable environment throughout the year. The next time you are looking at your Bradford roofing options, remember to discuss how to make your home more eco-friendly with a new roof.

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