If you are planning a roof replacement on your home, you are probably very concerned about your budget and finding the best contractor in your area to work with. However, one area that’s often overlooked during the planning process is having your insulation replacement take place at the same time. While you are undertaking such a huge project, it’s much easier to get the two jobs done in one go, and it will also offer you many benefits as a homeowner. Instead of dealing with the stress of two roof replacement insulation projects, combine the two together. Click here for more information about roof replacements in Bradford. Today, let’s look at the top reasons why you should consider upgrading your roofing insulation during a roof replacement this year. 

What are the Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Roof Insulation? 

As a homeowner, you are bound to know how costly keeping your home warm and comfortable is. Unfortunately, this is just an unavoidable expense of owning a home, however, there are ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Knowing when to replace your roof or attic insulation is critical for keeping your home comfortable throughout the cold winter months. It’s time to consider calling a Bradford roofing company about upgrading your roof insulation when any of these issues occur: 

  • Some rooms in your home never warm-up or cool down as desired, regardless of how high you put the heating 
  • Your energy bills seem to be increasing in price or seem unreasonable for the size of your home 
  • If your current insulation is damp or wet, it’s unusable at this point, and it’s certainly time to look at an insulation roof replacement in Bradford.

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What are the Benefits of Roof Insulation? 

There are many reasons why you need to have roof insulation in your home. Firstly, the roof and the attic are key to improving your home’s energy efficiency. Many homeowners are concerned about this today and are looking to choose a roof that is environmentally friendly. When working properly, they’ll reduce the chance of losing heat on cold days and gaining heat on hot days. You’ll enjoy reduced energy costs throughout the year thanks to adding roof insulation during your next roof replacement with a Bradford roofing team. 

In the UK, we often associate roof replacement insulation with the winter months, but it also alters the comfort of your home in the summer months. In warmer weather, good insulation will offer a thermal break for your home, keeping the warm air away from your living spaces. 

How is Roof Insulation Installed? 

During the insulation replacement process, there are a few different methods that may be used. Firstly, loose insulation can be blown in to your attic floor. Alternatively, it may be applied under the roof deck, and this method uses expanding foam insulation. Finally, another less commonly used option is to install the material on the roof deck, placing it between roofing felts. 

Depending on what you use your attic for, you’ll want to choose the best option for your space. The last two options are good for potential extensions in the future. However, when insulation is placed near the roofing layer, it may easily become damage if a leak occurs. When roofers in Bradford are inspecting your home, they will check for water leaks on your roof. If they find the insulation is damaged, take advantage of your roof replacement project to also upgrade your roof insulation. While it will increase the cost of the initial project, you’ll find in the long run, it saves you money and makes your home far more energy efficient. 

Leaks and Roofing Insulation 

Leaks are one of the biggest concerns with roofing, and damage to your insulation often occurs when roof damage takes place. If you are replacing your roof due to a serious leak, it’s very likely that your roofing insulation was also damaged. Resolve these two issues at the same time by replacing both your insulation and roofing together. When fibreglass insulation gets wet, it will stop functioning properly. The water molecules will take the place of the air pockets, and you may also find that mould begins to grow in its place. Often when the fibreglass batts get wet, a full roof insulation replacement will be needed. 

Good roofers in Bradford will be able to check your roof and attic space for mould and other concerns. They can also test the boards installed on your roof, and these may need replacing to create a more sturdy frame. If your boards are replaced, this will often mean the insulation needs to be fully replaced alongside it. 

A roof replacement in Bradford is certainly a large project, but it’s one that will offer many benefits to homeowners. While you are having your roof replaced, save time and the hassle of having two separate projects by opting to upgrade your roofing insulation at the same time. You’ll improve your home’s energy efficiency and create a more comfortable and pleasant environment for your family this winter.

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